Wildland Fire Training Courses

All Wildland Fire classes sponsored by Treasure Valley Community College meet or exceed federal course standards as outlined by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

TVCC is an active partner with local and regional federal and state agencies to provide training opportunities for current agency personnel, private fire contractors and individuals seeking employment as firefighters. Many of these courses have pre-requisite requirements in order to register. Space is limited and there are enrollment Pre-registration deadlines.

2024 Wildland Fire Class Schedule

Please note that we have made some changes to our policy. Students must pre-register and pre-pay for all classes. We have tried to make the registration process easier with our new online registration form. Students will have the ability to select multiple classes on each form. Students can also drop classes uses the new online drop form. 

CBWCL Payment Policy: Payment in full, purchase order, or nomination form is due 2 weeks before class start date in order to hold your seat in class. In order to receive a refund student must fill out a drop form a minimum of 2 weeks before class. No Show students are not eligible for a refund. 

If your employer is paying for your class and they are NOT using a nomination form, please provide them with the Third Party Enrollment and Billing Form required by the Business Office. They will need to submit the form so that you are not charged for the classes you are taking. If you have any questions, please contact the Treasure Valley Community College Business Office at (541) 881-5810. 

How to Pay:

  • Pay by credit card by calling Accounts Receivable at (541) 881-5810 or Student Services at (541) 881-5815
  • Pay at either our Ontario or Caldwell locations, in Student Services with check, money order, cash, or card.
  • Mail a check or money order with Student Name and ID number to: 
Treasure Valley Community College
Attn: Accounts Receivable
650 College Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914



S-130/S-190 Basic Firefighter II
NATR 101

January 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2024 (Two Weekends)  Download Registration Form 
May 4, 5, 11, & 12, 2024 (Two Weekends)  Download Registration Form

Cost: $250 per person

Course includes S-130 Firefighter Training, S-190 Introduction to Fire Behavior, and L-180 Human Factors. Fire Shelter is required prior to certification as an entry-level Firefighter (FFT2). Field exercise requires boots and gloves.
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class.


S-131 Advanced Fire Fighter Training + S-133 Look Up, Look Down, Look Around
NATR 121

April 11 & 12, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $145 per person

Course provides additional instruction at the Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss (FFT1) level including training on tactics and safety. This course is designed to be interactive containing several exercises designed to facilitate group discussion.
PREREQUISITE: S-130/S-190/L-180 Qualified firefighter type 2 plus 1 year of actual field experience
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class.


S-200 Initial Attack IC
NATR 109

April 25 - 26, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $139 per person

This course will provide the individual in charge of the initial attack of small, non-complex fires, the training needed for size-up, deployment of forces, suppression, mop up, communications, and administrative duties.
PREREQUISITES: S-130/S-190, S-290, S-230 Qualified as any single resource boss.
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class.


S-215 Fire Operations in the Urban Interface
NATR 116

April 22 - 24, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $239 per person

Meets training needs for initial attack incident commanders and company officers confronting wildland fire threatening life, property, and improvements. Units include: size-up, initial strategy and action plan, structure triage, tactics, action plan assessment, public relations and follow-up and safety.
PREREQUISITES: S-130/S-190, S-131 Qualified as firefighter type 1 
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 


S-230 Crew Boss - Single Resource
NATR 115

April 15 - 17, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $199 per person

The S-230 is designed to meet the training needs of a crew boss on a Wildland fire incident. Topics include: preparation, mobilization, tactics and safety, off line duties and demobilization.
PREREQUISITES: S-290 Required, S-130/S-190, Qualified FFT1
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 


S-231 Engine Boss - Single Resource
NATR 117

April 18 - 19, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $149 per person

S-231 is an interactive course that provides examples and exercises specific to Wildland fire suppression.
PREREQUISITES: S-130/S-190, S-230, S-290, Qualified FFT 1
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 


L-280 Followership to Leadership
NATR 102

May 2 & 3, 2024 (Weekend)  Download Registration Form

Cost: $139 per person

This training course is designed as a self-assessment opportunity for individuals preparing to step into a leadership role. The course combines one day of classroom instruction followed by a second day in the field with students working through a series of problem solving events in small teams (Field Leadership Assessment Course).
PREREQUISITES: L-180, experience on incident assignments in operations or support functions.
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 


S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior
NATR 104

April 1 - 4, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $250 per person

S-290 is designed to meet training requirements to work in the ICS Operations Section as a Single Resource Boss. Course will instruct prospective fireline supervisors in Wildland fire behavior for effective and safe fire management operations. Weather portion taught by meteorologist.
PREREQUISITES: S-130/S-190, plus one year experience recommended.
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 

power saw

S-212 Wildfire Power Saws
NATR 202

May 17, 18 & 19, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $250 per person

Wildland Fire Chain Saws, S-212, is an instructor-led course intended to be presented at the local level. The course lessons provide introduction to the function, maintenance and use of internal combustion engine powered chain saws, and their tactical Wildland fire application. Field exercises support entry level training for firefighters with little or no previous experience in operating a chain saw, providing hands-on cutting experience in surroundings similar to fireline situations.
* Successful completion for entry level. Does not constitute certified Faller designation.
(Students will be required to provide the following: Chainsaw, gloves, boots, hard, hat, safety goggles, and chaps)
PREREQUISITES: Qualified FFT2, Recommended current certification in Basic First Aid and CPR.


S-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader
NATR 123

March 11 - 13, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $250 per person

This course meets the training requirements for Task Force and Strike Team Leader positions. The class is open to Single Resource Bosses and Initial Attack Incident Commanders.
PREREQUISITES: S-290, S-230 and S-390, Qualified Single Resource Boss
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 

fire behavior

S-390 Fire Behavior Calculations
NATR 122

March  4 -  7, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $265 per person

This course instructs trainees in fire behavior calculations with emphasis on the use of nomograms in assessment or potential for extreme fire conditions. Key topics include: evaluation and input of fireline data to calculate fire behavior for rate of spread, fire intensity, flame length, maximum spotting distances and safe control tactics. Must be Single Resource Boss qualified.
PREREQUISITES: S-290, S-230, Qualified Single Resource Boss
* A minimum of 10 registrants is required for this class. 


RT-130 Annual Refresher Course
NATR 0917 

(1) February 10 2024  Download Registration Form

(2) March 9, 2024  Download Registration Form

(3) April 13, 2024  Download Registration Form

(4) April 27, 2024 McCall Idaho  Download Registration Form

(5) May 25, 2024  Download Registration Form

Private Group Reservations Available - Call to check availability. (541) 881-5757

Cost: $60 per person with pre-registration and payment
Cost: $65 per person at class

Refresh skills in applying the risk management process and rules of engagement to recognize and mitigate hazards in their work environment. Updates on current issues and fire shelter deployment practice.



M - 410 Facilitative Instructor

January 22 - 26, 2024  Download Registration Form

Cost: $550 per person

This 40-hour course trains existing and potential instructors on how to prepare and present effective training programs. Key areas include written performance and instructional objectives, preparation of lesson plans, preparation and operation of audio-visual aids and equipment, various methods of communication, individual and team presentations, management of classroom learning environments and use of testing procedures. Evening break-out sessions and actual classroom demonstrations and presentations are integral parts of this course. 8 -16 hours of pre-work are required. Meets NWCG standards as outlined in the M410 guidelines.

Please call 541-881-5757 to get your name on our list of interested students  or email Sheryl Romans.


Customized Contracted Trainings

The Center for Business, Workforce, and Community Learning provides customized training developed around the specific needs of employers. The CBWCL is flexible in providing training delivered on-site with participating companies or at TVCC facilities. Companies can acquire virtually any type of training through the CBWCL. Training time is based on the unique needs of the client. Examples of training include Wildland Fire, CPR/First Aid, Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, OSHA safety and numerous other industry competency based curriculum. Courses are offered in English and Spanish. Call us today to find out how the CBWCL can help you with all your employee training needs. (541) 881-5757. TVCC also offers an Associate of Applied Science in Wildland Fire Management

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