General Information about Tuition and Fees

Treasure Valley Community College tuition and fee rates are listed below. Note that tuition and fee rates are subject to change without prior notice. Tuition is charged per credit and additional fees are added to each class as outlined below.

2023-24 Tuition

Oregon Resident $ 114 per credit
Out-of-State Resident $ 124 per credit
Online/ Web Course/ Hybrid $ 114 per credit
Caldwell Center $ 124 per credit
International Students $ 228 per credit
Col-Cred Tuition Oregon: $45 per credit
Idaho: $75 per credit

2023-24 Fees

In addition to tuition, student fees and course fees are added as follows:  

* Col-cred classes, Center for Business and Workplace Learning classes, & Community and Continuing Ed classes have separate fees. 

Student Activity Fee
Supports activities through the Associated Student Government. Includes activities, events and student programs.
$  6 per credit
Universal Student Fee
Supports parking areas, security, technology and other student resources.
$ 17 per credit
Web / Online Course Fee /Hybrid $ 15 per credit
Caldwell Center Course $  7 per credit
Course Fees
Certain classes have also have additional special fees. These fees will be listed on your Course and Fee Statement.
Aviation Fees
See catalog for fee information

Student Capital Projects Fee
Supports student-led campaign for future capital improvements on campus

$ 1 per credit

Cost of Attendance

Based on 15 credits

Your Financial Aid cost of attendance is an estimation of the expenses you will incur as a student while attending TVCC. The cost of attendance is used to determine the maximum amount of Financial Aid in your award letter.

Multiply the total by the number of terms you will attend this year

Tuition and Fees (in-state) $ 2,010
Books and supplies $    488
Dorms - Double suite $ 2,613
Transportation $    341
Personal expenses $    359
DL Loan Fees $      28
Total $ 5,839


Students who Add or Drop a class or need to withdraw totally should begin the process in the Student Services Center. You can obtain the correct forms and, if necessary, meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising area for assistance. Withdrawal from class(es) is a student's responsibility. Find out about specific withdrawal and refund policies here.More Information