Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government is a diverse group of student leaders who serve as a liaison between TVCC staff, faculty, and administration.

Student who participate in ASG have the opportunity to maximize student opportunities and experiences, advocate for campus projects and initiatives, and engage in professional growth and development.      

image of abby smith

President - Abby Smith

Abby is a sophomore at TVCC. She is not far from home as she graduated from Fruitland High School. Abby is a very involved student and plans to transfer to a university to pursue her passion for history or physics. She wants the student body to know, "15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance." 

image of Caresse Basaraba

Vice President - Caresse Basaraba

Caresse is a sophomore at TVCC. She previously attended Elko High School in Nevada. Caresse is a member of the softball team and is majoring in sports journalism. She plans on continuing her education at Weber State University. She wants the student body to know, "Only you can prevent wildfires." 

image of Matyson Siddoway

Secretary - Matyson Siddoway

Matyson is a freshman at TVCC who graduated nearby at Vale High School. After graduation from Treasure Valley, Matyson plans to attend nursing school, obtain her BSN, and then travel. Her goal for the student body is "to give everyone a sense of belonging and involvement through my position of leadership." 


image of Makayla Kelly

Administrative Senator - Makayla Kelly

Makayla is a sophomore at TVCC who is a member of the womens tennis team. She graduated from Homedale High School in Idaho. Makayla plans to continue her education after TVCC by transfering to U of I and earning a degree in Natural Resources. Her quote for the student body is, "You just gotta keep livin" man, L-I-V-I-N." 

image of Jazzy Jenkins

Academic Senator - Jazzy Jenkins

Jazzy is a first-year student at TVCC and went to Emmett High School. Jazzy plays basketball here at TVCC and is planning to major in HR Management. Her message to this years student body is, "The people who appreciate success are the people who work for it." 

image of Valerie Vorwaller

Legislative Senator - Valerie Vorwaller

Valerie is a sophomore at TVCC. She plays basketball and attended Marsh Valley High School. After graduation from TVCC as a nursing major, Valerie hopes to continue playing basketball at a university and eventually become a nurse practitioner. She would like to tell the student body, "Don't let anyone tell you who you can and can't be." 


Positions officially take place on July 1st and remain in office until June 30th of the following year. Any full-time students, enrolled in 12 or more credits and maintaining a 2.5 cumulative and quarterly GPA are eligible for performance based stipends through the Student Programs Department. Positions may come available throughout the year! Contact us today for more information.  


Apply Now


Apply Now


The Associated Student Government Office is located in the Weese Building.

Please contact Kate Russell at or by calling 541-881-5781 to learn how to get involved!