Academic Offerings

Treasure Valley Community College provides many options to help you achieve your education goals. We can help whether you want to earn a one-year certificate or two-year technical degree to get your career started, or you are ready to begin working on a bachelor's degree before transferring to a university. No matter what route you choose, or if you need help deciding, TVCC is committed to helping you reach your success.

TVCC also offers basic adult education, GED prep, college credit for high school students and non-credit classes for fun. 

Transfer Degree Options

Start your degree at TVCC and we'll help you get ready to transfer on.

If your goal is to earn a bachelor's degree or higher, TVCC has partnerships and agreements with universities to make your transition from TVCC even easier. We offer transfer degrees that can be completed in about to years, so when you transfer to a university, you will be halfway done to your goal.

The two-year Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer is a general transfer degree. Successful completion of the AAOT will give you junior-level standing at many universities.

There are two versions of the ASOT. You can focus on business or computer science. Both degrees will prepare you for a bachelor's degree at one of Oregon's public universities. Successful completion of the ASOT will give you junior-level standing at a university.

The Associate of Science two-year degree has both general education and discipline-specific requirements and isn't just for science programs. It is designed for students planning to transfer to a public Oregon university. 

Career Technical Degrees & Certificates

Find a new career in a year or two.

Treasure Valley Community College offers one-year certificates and two-year degrees in some of the most in-demand career fields that are designed to help you find a job.

TVCC's AAS degrees are designed to be completed in about two years. When you graduate, you're ready to enter the workforce. Our AAS degrees include an on-the-job training requirement - called Cooperative Work Experience - which will give you practical experience in your chosen career field while also earning college credit.

If your goal is to be prepared for the workforce within one year, a Certificate of Completion is a great place to start. A certificate in one of TVCC's career technical fields can provide you with the hands-on experience needed for an entry-level job in your field. Certificates of Completion (CC) require you to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Many of our certificate programs also satisfy first-year requirements or about half of an Associate of Applied Science degree. So, if you earn a certificate, work for a while and want to return to TVCC to earn your associate's degree, you'll be halfway there.

GED & Adult Programs

Get started or finish where you left off.

Treasure Valley Community College offers you several ways to complete your GED or high school diploma and build skills in reading and math to help you meet your work, education and personal goals.

High School Connections

Earn credits while you finish high school.

Treasure Valley Community College offers college credit programs specifically designed for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school.