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Academic Advising

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Academic advising is a team activity. The better prepared you are when you meet with your advisor, the better they can help you choose the right academic plan. Doing a little research first - and making a solid degree plan - can save you a lot money and frustration. Together, we will get you to your goal!



New Student Advising & Registration Sessions

Your Advising and Registration (A&R) appointment is designed to promote your personal academic success and individual development. As a new student, A&R is the opportunity to work with advisors to pre-register for your first classes at Treasure Valley Community College.

To register for classes, please select an A&R session at the location where you plan on attending classes. Both the Ontario Campus and the Caldwell Center offer daytime and evening session options. If these times don't work for you, please contact Ontario Main Campus at (541) 881-5815, or Caldwell Center at (208) 454-9911 to make an appointment to meet with an advisor. 


Ontario - Afternoon Advising Sessions

May 14 May 21 May 28 June 4 June 18 June 25 July 2 July 9

 July 16 July 30 August 6 August 20 August 27 September 3 September 10

Ontario - Evening Advising Sessions

May 21 June 4 July 9 August 6

Caldwell - Morning Advising Sessions

May 14 June 4 July 9 August 6 September 3

Caldwell - Evening Advising Sessions

May 23 June 27 July 18  August 15  September 5

New Students

  • Try to narrow down the areas of study that interest you most. Check out our Degrees and Departments.
  • Think seriously about how many years you want to spend in college.
  • Attend an Advising & Registration session if preparing to attend Fall Term.
  • If the Advising & Registration session dates don't work for you or an A+R session is not available, set up an appointment with an advisor. If you don't know your advisor, email us, or call 541-881-5815. We'll get you connected and even schedule an in-person, over-the-phone, or Zoom advising session if needed.
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Current Students

  • Print your unofficial transcript at My.TVCC
  • Review the class schedule and select classes you want to take.
  • Contact your advisor to set up an appointment. Email us if you don't know how to find your current advisor information.

After your first term, you should meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your progress and continue your education plan. Your advisor will then enable your student account so you will be able to register online via My.TVCC during Advising Day or open registration. If you are at a distance, you will also need to make arrangements with your advisor before Advising Day so that you will have access to register online. 

Find your Program Advisor

Transfer Information

Find out how your TVCC credits can transfer to a four-year program

Success in the transfer process is largely the result of careful planning. It is each student's responsibility to learn the program requirements of any prospective transfer school and to keep up to date on changes in those requirements. Therefore, students should periodically contact an advisor at the transfer institution for updates. Prudent use of available resources and advising can help ensure a smooth transition to a four-year institution.

Plan Ahead: Enroll in HDEV 112 or 120 to develop an education plan. Meet with an advisor and have them help you contact an advisor at your future institution.

Maintain Contact: Establish early contact with admissions representatives and major advisors at TVCC and transfer institution. Keep in touch with them in order to keep up to date on major and transfer requirements.

Know the Rules: Pay attention to GPA and transfer credit policies, application deadlines and both general education and major course requirements of transfer institutions.

Confirm Transferability of Courses: Not all 100-200 level courses transfer to all four-year schools. Transfer colleges have the "last say" on transferability.

Ask for Help: Make sure you have current and complete information; ask for what you need to complete the transfer process successfully.

Transfer Guides

Many students at TVCC have a goal of transferring to a University after they graduate.  This is a wonderful goal that we try to support.  The transition to a University can be complex and it will vary from Institution to Institution.

The transfer guide links below are provided for TVCC students as they prepare to transfer to 4-year institutions. Students are invited to use the guides as a tool when planning to transfer on from TVCC to aid in a successful transfer experience.

The 4-year colleges listed below are just some of the most popular institutions to where TVCC students transfer. If you are planning on transferring to another 4-year institution not listed below, please work with your TVCC advisor and utilize transfer tools on the 4-year institution's website.

Treasure Valley Community College does not guarantee the transferability of individual courses based on the transfer guides, as the guides are maintained by each individual 4-year school. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to make contact with an advisor at the college they wish to attend.

Oregon State University (OSU, Corvallis, Oregon)

Oregon State University - Cascades (Bend, Oregon)

University of Oregon (U of O, Eugene, Oregon)

Portland State University (PSU, Portland, Oregon)

Eastern Oregon University (EOU, LaGrande, Oregon)

Oregon Private Colleges

Northwest Nazarene University (NNU, Caldwell, Idaho)

Boise State University (BSU, Boise, Idaho)

College of Idaho (C of I, Caldwell, Idaho)

University of Idaho (U of I, Moscow, Idaho, Boise, Idaho)

Idaho State University (ISU, Pocatello, Idaho, Meridian, Idaho)

Lewis Clark State College (LCSC, Lewiston, Idaho)

Brigham Young University (BYU, Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho)

Eastern Washington University (EWU, Cheney, Washington)

What Does An Academic Advisor Do?

Your Academic Advisor helps you:

  • Find the area of study that best matches your interests and academic strengths
  • Choose the right degree/certificate option to transfer to another college or to go straight into a job
  • Chart your college course, making sure you take all the required classes to graduate on time

What Are Your Responsibilities?

Students are expected to:

  • Clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals
  • Contact and make an appointment with the advisor when required or when in need of assistance. 
  • Take an active interest in developing, planning, and achieving educational goals
  • Prepare for advising sessions and bring relevant resources and questions
  • Follow through on actions identified during each advising session
  • Become knowledgeable and adhere to institutional policies and procedures
  • Take charge of their education and ask questions
  • Accept final responsibility for all decisions

Meet Your Advising & Enrollment Staff

We are here for you to assist you in planning out your academic career and help you reach your education goals!

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