rural farmlands in Ontario, Oregon

Based in rural Oregon, TVCC's Agriculture and Equine programs are designed to give you real-world experience while keeping pace with industry standards and state of the art technologies. With many career options available in these fields, the possibilities are endless. The Career Pathways Certificates of Completion will help guide you towards a specific profession by providing a defined list of courses to gain a one year certificate which is a great stepping stone to an associates degree.

technician with seedling

Crop Science Technician

The Crop Science Technician CPCC focuses on the chemical, physical, and biological relationships of crops and the soils nurturing them.  This certificate includes instruction in the growth and behavior of agriculture crops, the development of new plant varieties, and the scientific management of soils and nutrients for maximum plant nutrition.  Students learn techniques to improve production, planting, harvesting and sustainable farming techniques.

CSS 200 - Principles of Crop Science (4 credits)
CSS 205 - General Soils (3 credits)
CSS 210 - Forage Productions (3 credits)
CSS 215 - Soil Nutrients and Fertilizer (3 credits)
CSS 217 - Pesticide Safety and Use (1 credit)
CSS 240 - Intro to Noxious Weeds (3 credits)

Crop Science Technician Brochure

woman standing in barn with horse behind her

Equine Business Management Technician

Completing the Equine Business Management Technician Pathway certificate prepares students for a wide variety of entry level careers in Equine Business Management including Equine Business Owner and Manager, Equine Facility Manager, Equine Riding Instructor and Equine Breeding Operations.  The CPCC combines theory with practical skills required for daily equine management operations and other equine supply and service businesses.

AG 111 - Ag Computers (3 credits)
ANS 222 - Equine Health & Disease (2 credits)
ANS 223 - Equine Business & Marketing (3 credits)
ANS 263 - Building & Stable Management (3 credits)
AREC 201 - Agriculture Accounting (3 credits)
AREC 210 - Farm Business Management (3 credits)

Equine Business Management Technician Brochure

picture of a horse

Performance Horse Marketing & Sales Specialist

The Performance Horse Marketing and Sales Specialist Career Pathway certificate is completed during the second year of the Applied Associate of Science degree program and will provide students with the foundation skills required to develop a performance horse for trail, ranch, reining, or rodeo and as an entry level manager or trainee in a horse production business.

ANS 107 - Basic Hoof Maintenance (3 credits)
ANS 143 - Advanced Horse Training (3 credits)
ANS 222 - Equine Health & Disease (3 credits)
ANS 294 - Cow Cutting (3 credits)
ANS 297 - Working Cow Horse (3 credits)
ANS 298 - Arena Horse Skills (3 credits)

Performance Horse Marketing & Sales Specialist - 18 Credits

woman training horse

Performance Horse Selection & Training Technician

The Performance Horse Selection and Training Technician Pathway certificate prepares students for employment producing horses that are able to perform as a trail, ranch, reining or rodeo horse.

ANS 141 - Basic Halter Training (3 credits)
ANS 142 - Green Breaking (4 credits)
ANS 192 - Horsemanship (3 credits)
ANS 220 - Intro to Horse Production (3 credits)
ANS 223 - Equine Business & Marketing (3 credits)
ANS 295 - Reining (3 credits)

Performance Horse Selection & Taining Technician Brochure

farmer feeding a cow

Ranch Animal Technician

The Ranch Animal Technician certificate will prepare the student for entry level positions in agriculture. Students will learn the foundations of farm business and animal science as well as have hands-on experience working with ranch animals. The successful student will possess applied skills in ranch animal production and management including nutrition and reproduction.

This program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in Ranch Management, including manager of a small ranch, ranch hand, feedlot operator, brand inspector, and artificial inseminator. The program combines theory with practical skills needed for daily cattle operations.

AG 111   - Ag Computers (3 credits)
AG 201  - Current Issues in Agriculture (2 credits)
ANS 121 - Intro to Animal Science (4 credits)
ANS 205 - Food Animal Health & Disease (2 credits)
ANS 215 - Beef/Dairy Cattle Production (2 credits)
ANS 216 - Beef Pregnancy Testing (3 credits)
ANS 217 - Artificial Insemination (3 credits)

Ranch Animal Technician Brochure