The purpose of a placement exam is to determine at what level of coursework a student should begin for the greatest chance of success. Every new student who has not earned college-level credits from another college in reading, writing, and mathematics (the building blocks of all higher education activity) must take the placement exam. Not all students entering college are ready to succeed at this level of coursework - and that's okay! You begin where you are, and we help you get to where you want to be. Whatever you lack in reading, writing and math skills will need to be learned before you can successfully complete more advanced college coursework.

TVCC's new self-guided Writing Placement is now available. Please take this assessment prior to taking the Accuplacer to self identify the appropriate Writing Course or to complete the Accuplacer assessment. 

Self Guided Writing Placement Test

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Important Test Information

  • Appointments are required to take the placement exam at the Ontario Testing Center. Students can schedule a session HERE. Placement tests will NOT be administered during finals week.
  • Allow 2 hours for completion of all two subject areas (Writing and Math).
  • Valid PHOTO ID is required.
  • The test is untimed, however, please allow at least two hours to take the two exams, or a minimum of 45 minutes for one.
  • After completing the test, your scores will be given to you. It is recommended that you schedule an advising session after you complete the test. To better understand how your scores translate into the courses you will be placed into, click on the follow link: Accuplacer Scoring System

More Information:

To prepare for the placement test, you may look at some sample test questions and take practice tests. The practice examples are similar to the kinds of test questions you are likely to see when you take the actual test. Since this is a practice exercise, you will answer just a few questions and the answer key follows the sample questions.

Accuplacer Study

If you are not happy with your score, think your score is incorrect, or have any other concerns with the test, you are allowed to retest once in the same quarter. Each individual is allowed to test a total of 3 times per year. (We recommend that you talk with an advisor before you decide to retest.) Retesting is appropriate when there is reason to believe that a score obtained from previous testing does not accurately reflect the examinee's true level of knowledge or skill. Typically, retesting is appropriate in only two situations:

  1. When factors other than the examinee's ability are believed to have influenced the previous testing.
  2. When the scores obtained from earlier testing are no longer believed to reflect the student's current ability. This occurs when the examinee has engaged in a learning activity since the previous placement testing and the learning activity is likely to have meaningfully improved the examinee's relevant knowledge and skills.

If any reason exists to believe the examinee's current level of knowledge and skills should be verified, a retest is appropriate. The fee for a retake is $10, whether retaking one, two or all three portions. Students may only retake the exam once in order to try and improve their placement. After the retake, students must wait until the next quarter to attempt the exam again. Students who have retaken the exam and are still convinced of their ability to be in a higher level math or English class may appeal the results to the respective Department Chair.

  • The test is designed to help you succeed and assists advisors in selecting classes for your enrollment.
  • It is not a pass or fail test.
  • You may not ask questions.
  • The test is not timed. You are allowed to take breaks while taking the test. Feel free to get up and stretch when you need to. If you are tired or have an emergency, you are allowed to end the test and return at another time to complete your test.
  • Calculators are prohibited.