TVCC's Dual Credit programs provide high school students the opportunity to take college courses while in high school and receive credits for both high school graduation and a college degree at the same time.

Benefits of Dual Credit:

  • Save money on college tuition.
  • Finish college faster.
  • Enjoy an easier transition to college-level coursework and college life.
  • Seamless transition from high school to college
  • Greater likelihood of success in subsequent collegiate work
  • Greater likelihood of earning a high school diploma and a college degree
  • Reduced cost of enrolling in higher education courses

Have questions about the requirements requirements, expectations, processes and services available through TVCC's Dual Credit Program?  Click the link below to check out our Dual Credit Student Handbook!

Dual Credit Student Handbook

Check out the links below to learn about each of our Dual Credit Programs.

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These are honors classes taught on high school campuses by qualified high school instructors. Students receive both high school and college credit.

Learn about the TVCC's Col-Cred Program

College Choice

TVCC offers local high school students the opportunity to enroll in two campus college courses each quarter at a reduced tuition rate. Two weeks prior to the beginning of each term, students are able to sign up for any of TVCC's classes that still have seats available.

Learn about the College Choice Program

CTE Dual Credit

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program offers high school students college credit in CTE classes taught in high schools by qualified high school instructors. The program is free for Oregon students, and Idaho students are able to use their Fast Forward funds through Idaho's Advanced Opportunities program.  

Learn about the CTE Dual Credit Program

Idaho Advanced Opportunities

Advanced Opportunities allow for Idaho students to individualize their high school learning plan and get a jump start on their future. Students may take classes at TVCC online or in person through the program. 

Learn about the Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program

Dual Credit Faculty Information

If you are an educator who wishes to enroll students in Dual Credit classes, please refer to the below guide for more information.

Dual Credit Faculty Guide & Information