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TVCC's Health & Physical Education classes are designed to provide opportunities to learn about the human body, incorporate healthy living habits, learn safe and effective exercise skills and participate in sports activities.

Our classes will help you:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes regarding the value and benefits of physical fitness.
  • Promote activities for physical improvement, conditioning, lifetime fitness and social development.

We are committed to continually reviewing and updating our health and physical education curriculum to ensure the courses are grounded in the current principles of physical education, fitness and exercise science.

Need elective credits?

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Physical Education and Health courses are lower division collegiate credits designed transfer to a four-year college or univeristy. Health and Physical Education courses may transfer as:

  • Elective credits
  • Program requirement credits
  • Graduation requirement credits
     Meet with an advisor to see how you can include Health and Physical Education courses into any degree program at TVCC.


Course Schedule for Summer 2024

HPE 101 OB
Barre is a mixture of modern postural alignment theory, core activation, glute strengthening movements, leg and arm strengthening movements. You use your body weight to churn out rep after rep of muscle-burning moves. The yoga in this course will mainly be a vinyasa flow, which focuses the movement with the breath, a constant movement that allows you to build up heat as you flow. Includes intermediate yoga exercises for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation, and reduced stress in daily living. Section with No-cost Course Materials

Instructor: Dominick, Tara
Location: Ontario Campus
Credits: 1.00
Schedule: MW   4:00PM-5:50PM   6/24/2024-8/15/2024

HPE 122 OA
Development of muscular strength, endurance and power at an advanced level. Continues and reinforces beginning weight training concepts. The students will be held accountable for independent lifting by turning in a work-out log designated by the instructor. Recommended: Beginning Weight Training or equivalent 

Instructor: Helmick, Riley
Location: Ontario Campus
Credits: 1.00
Schedule: MW   10:00AM-11:50AM   6/24/2024-8/15/2024

HPE 185 OA
Provides instruction and physical exercise and conditioning around a specific activity or sport. Features courses in basketball, aerobic activities, jogging, weight training, yoga, golf, swimming, tennis, and seasonal activity classes. 

Instructor: Dominick, Tara
Location: Ontario Campus
Credits: 1.00
Schedule: MW   12:00PM-1:50PM   6/24/2024-8/15/2024

HPE 295 OW
Explores wellness concepts and emphasizes how to maximize health by making informed choices in regards to total wellness, fitness, nutrition and other lifestyle changes. Covers muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular issues, lifestyle related diseases and their risk factors, and prevention methods. 

Instructor: Crawford, Tanya
Location: Web
Credits: 3.00
Schedule:       6/24/2024-8/15/2024

Physical Education
AAOT - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

We can help you customize your Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree from Treasure Valley Community College with an emphasis in Physical Education. By earning an AAOT, you can save money on the first two years of your bachelor's degree before you transfer to a university. See an advisor for more options and information about how to design your AAOT with your transfer degree in mind.