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TVCC's Equine Science and Horse Production program is designed to give you real-world experience working with these incredible animals. In our program, you'll work directly with horses, and most of your education takes place in barns, on the ranch, or in the arena. Our approach not only help you be more successful obtaining employment and a career working in the equine industry, but we've found it also appeals to students who prefer getting out of the traditional classroom setting. Combine the skills and love you have for horses with a program that will help you gain even more knowledge and expertise.

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Course Schedule for Summer 2024

ANS 205 OX
Studies food animal (bovine, ovine and swine) physiology and health. Including nutritional, metabolic and reproductive disorders; as well as preventative measures and treatments available. 

Instructor: Porter, Sandra
Location: Ontario Campus
Credits: 2.00
Schedule:       6/24/2024-8/15/2024